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the om acid lsd blotter art
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The Om Blotter Art (25 tab sheet)

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The Om Blotter Art Print  - 25 Tab Blotter Art Sheet.

Bright Purple on white background The Om is a Buddhist Symbols also seen throughout Hinduism.

This design has been seen dosed many times throughout the years and is popular worldwide.

Our designs are printed with a plant based food grade ink, printed on absorbent blotting paper with brightly colored perforated psychedelic artwork.

Perf: 25 Perforated Squares ( 1x1 cm per sq )
Sheet Size: 5 x 5 CM 
Paper: 250 GSM blotting paper.
Ink:  Plant based, food ink.

Gift it, Frame it, keep it, collect it. - WE DO NOT SELL LSD.

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