About Us.

About our Blotter Art:

We sell the highest quality blotter art worldwide. Our psychedelic blotter art is professionally printed on high quality absorbent blotter paper using tasteless food-grade ink.

The artwork is then perforated into small easy to tare tabs to represent a full LSD acid sheet.

We have many designs in stock as well as being able to print your own custom blotter art.

We also have a limited number of rare blotter art, signed blotter art and vintage sheets available upon request.

In Short:

  • We sell blotter art strictly for art and collection - We do not sell LSD.
  • We can print & design any custom blotter art for you.
  • We can supply rare, vintage, bulk and signed blotter art upon request.
  • Bulk discounts available for direct orders.

We value your privacy very much, all orders are shipped in plain packaging.
PGP encryption and crypto payments are available upon request.

Our blotter art is printed and perforated in the United Kingdom and available to purchase legally worldwide.