When was LSD made illegal in the USA and UK?

When was LSD made illegal?

LSD was at one time a lawful medication for use in psychiatric patients, however its use outside on a clinical setting lead to its eventually illegality, making, selling, and using LSD have been illegal in the United States and most other countries since 1968 in the USA and 1966 in the UK.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have taken a firm position on LSD synaesthesia and use since 1968.

5 year before in 1963 Sandoz, the medical organization that created drug LSD, let its patent rights for delivering LSD terminate expire. This change implied that anybody could lawfully produce, use and distribute the medication since neither the United States nor any other nation had laws to control LSD. Before long different individuals started to make LSD, and the drug started to be sold for recreational use around the world.

More information about the first synthesis of LSD can be found here.


How LSD became illegal?

The United States and different governments started to consider banning LSD in the mid 60's as concern grew over the expanding number of individuals who were taking the drug recreationally and without the guidance of a trained specialist. Concerns were amplified when medical clinics started announcing an increase in more young adults who had taken large doses of the drug being admitted to hospitals and psychiatric units due to improper guidance and advice.

Even Albert Hofmann, LSD's creator, was irritated with its unlawful use. Hofmann once saying,

“They did not use it the right way, and they did not have the right conditions. So, they were not adequately prepared for it. It is such a delicate and deep experience, if used the right way. But remember, the more powerful the instrument, the more the chance of damage occurring if it is not used properly. And back at that time, there were unfortunately many occasions where psychedelics were not treated with proper respect, and used in the wrong way, and consequently caused injury. That is the great tragedy, that these valuable medicines were not always respected and not always understood. So, the psychedelics came to be feared, and were taken out of the hands of responsible investigators and psychiatrists. It was a great loss for medicine and psychiatry, and for mankind. Hopefully, it is not too late to learn from these mistakes, and to demonstrate the proper and respectful way psychedelics should be used."

When the law changed?

The governors of Nevada and California both signed bills on May 30, 1966, to make LSD a controlled substance, making them the first two US states to outlaw the synthesis, sale, and possession of LSD.

The law went into effect immediately in Nevada, and only 5 months later on October 6, 1966, the law came into effect in California, other U.S. states and the rest of the world followed with the ban.

What Schedule drug is LSD?

LSD was declared a "Schedule I" substance, stating the drug has a "high potential for abuse" and is without any "currently accepted medical use in treatment." However, this is widely accepted as untrue as new drug trials are taken place currently.

When was LSD made illegal in the UK?

In the UK the substance was made illegal in 1966 by the home secretary, primarily back by bad press from 2 major UK newspapers, medical use was also prohibited by the Misuse of Drugs Act when the act came into force in 1973.  In the UK LSD is controlled Class A substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973.

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